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AFW aims to motivate, inspire and bring together creatives and innovators to new consumers.





With Louisiana being warm year round, it's no surprise that swimwear is a big deal here. Michael Smith, owner of Mike D Photography, has dedicated one night to swimwear and summer fashion only.

He opens up the night with his show called Summer Secrets. His persistent hard work and dedication to helping women feel beautiful and embrace the very things that make them unique is what make this night exclusive and exceptional.

Fashion shows have long been one of the greatest spectacles and celebrations in the fashion industry. Each year, editors, buyers, stylists, designers and influencers gather at Fashion Week to see new collections, network, and revel in all that is both the glamour and perseverance of the fashion industry. Fashion shows have a proven ability to generate buzz and a reach that surpasses all else. Acadiana Fashion Week give designers an opportunity to showcase their brand in front of fashion minded individuals ultimately bringing in new consumers.

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Interested in working backstage of AFW? Show off your skills and build your clientele by joining the AFW Glam Team.

Email with 3 samples of your work.

Receive Acknowledgements on various media outlets. Your brand's logo will be placed on our website, in our gift bags, and on all printed promotions. Also, the participating magazine and radio stations reach a minimum 200 million people across the Southeastern Louisiana area. This will aid in the promotion of your business and gives you the opportunity to have prime booths at each of our events.        


As an official sponsor you will always be advertised and recognized continuously throughout all of our events over the course of the year. Fashion is an ongoing and global market. Sponsors have the chance to reach new audiences and demographics that can interact with and spread the word about your products!


The opportunity to Work with a progressive and enthusiastic group who are eager to make a positive difference; not only in the community but also throughout the country through fashion and art.  As a sponsor, you will partner in helping the young adults in the community advance their careers in the art and fashion industry. Fashion encompasses many other careers such as: photography, hair stylists, make-up artists, public relations, communications, design and more! 

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